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Episode 121: #TheChallengeUSA - 8.3.2022 / EPISODE 5 RECAP | The Challenge: USA

We are only 5 episodes into the season, but it has been wildly entertaining and continues to intensify. Is the BB alliance in trouble? How are the other alliances holding up? Join us as we discuss all...

The challenge usa S1 Ep 4 recap with kiss my cheeks #thechallengeusa

The challenge usa Kiss my cheeks

EPISODE 118: #TheChallengeUSA - 7.27.2022 / EPISODE 4 RECAP | The Challenge: USA

The action continues to heat up!! This is really starting to feel like a fun season with a whole lot of excitement to come! Looks like it's time for TRIVIA this week ... Kyle's favorite! Join us as we...


#TheChallengeUSA Sarah is talking to the 3rd pair eliminated from The Challenge USA. She is talking to Tasha & James about their strategies, miscommunications and who they really wanted to go against...

Episode 116: #TheChallengeUSA - 7.20.2022 / EPISODE 3 RECAP | The Challenge: USA

Things are heating up in the house! Pairs are re-shuffled, alliances are shaky, and everyone is just trying to earn enough money to qualify to run TJ's Final. Join us as we discuss Episode 3 of The Ch...

the challenge usa premiere recap with kiss my cheeks tv #thechallengeusa

The challenge usa Kiss my cheeks tv YouTube

The Challengers Talk Strategy 🤔 The Challenge: USA

The challengers discuss their strategies when it comes to winning the $500K on The Challenge: USA. #TheChallengeUSA premieres WEDNESDAY JULY 6 at 9:30p. Paramount+ is here! Stream all your favorite s...

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